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Mabel The Cayuga Duck

Mabel is a female Cayuga duck who enjoys free ranging along the Bea Happy Homestead with her family, which consists of a collection of other ducks, chickens, goats, angora bunnies, a dog and a cat. One day, Mabel's owner noticed that there was something slightly off about the way she walked and realized that she was in fact slightly limping or lame. She inspected Mabel's foot and noticed that there was a small circular bumble-like sore on the bottom of her foot--consistent with the mild early stages of bumblefoot.

Next Steps for Mabel

Mabel was brought inside to begin immediate therapy. The first couple of days, Mabel was given daily Epsom salt soaks in a small bowl of mildly warm water. The following week they applied Vetricyn directly on Mabel's foot, making sure to let it sit for 30 seconds before they would dab the excess moisture off, followed by an application of a special Black Drawing Salve she purchased from Authentic Heirlooms Company. Mabel's foot was then bandaged in order to help keep her foot clean and dry. They later switched to the use of a neoprene duck bootie.

Additional Nutritional Support

In order to help provide a boost for Mabel's immune system and to promote her body to heal her infected foot, fresh herbs were sprinkled on top of her feed daily which consisted of fresh oregano leaves for their natural antibacterial properties, dried Echinacea for its immune system boost, and Lactobacillus acidophilus for its probiotic properties.

Within a few days Mabel's owner already noticed improvement in her foot. The circular shape of her bumblesore had already started to change to an oval shape and became more raised in its appearance--as if the salve was actually pulling out the infection. A few days later, as they were changing the bandage for Mabel's foot, the scab sore containing the hardened pus material eventually came off. Thankfully, since Mabel's owner had caught the condition during the early stages and was diligent about keeping it clean and dry, coupled with the additional immune system boost and natural remedies, Mabel was able to have a full recovery from her bumblefoot.

About Bea Happy Homestead

Bea Happy Homestead
Bea Happy Homestead is a beautiful 35-acre property, situated in the Rocky Mountain area. It is home to the Bea Family--consisting of Lola Bea and her Chef Husband. They are both animal lovers and together they provide a loving home to an assortment of different animal species---including ducks, chickens, angora bunnies, goats, and a dog and cat. They raise all of their animals organically. Follow Bea Happy Homestead to keep up with Mabel and all her animal friends and family @beahappyhomestead!

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Authentic Heirlooms is a homestead boutique and custom print shop that is run by two sisters in Loveland, Colorado. They sell an assortment of natural remedies that are made with homegrown medicinal herbs, essential oils, and other natural products.


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