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  • Quack-Quack photograph
  • Quack-Quack photograph

Quack-Quack's 3D Printed Leg Brace

Quack-Quack is a male Pekin duck who was severely injured from a dog attack. The attack happened one afternoon while the duck was enjoying his afternoon sunbathing on the grass along the college campus of National Taiwan University (NTU). The attack severely fractured Quack-Quack's left leg.

Quack-Quack required surgery in order to fix his broken leg. However, unfortunately, he suffered internal metatarsal torsion in the injured leg. Putting any weight at all on his leg was unbearable. Lung X Lung Design, a 3D printing design company, with the help of Taipei Hackerspace, teamed up to brainstorm a device that they could design and manufacture for Quack-Quack to use to help him walk normally again.

The team used a 3D Systems' Sense 3D scanner in order to develop a customized mold of Quack-Quack's foot. They then used the 3D model of his foot in order to design a special brace that could be attached to his left leg. They printed the brace using an L3D 3D printer with NinjaFlex flexible filament.

Once fitted on Quack-Quack's leg, the doctors realized that it did not fit quite right, and it took several revisions for them to develop a brace which properly fit him. It also required the use of a more lightweight material. Quack-Quack needed a brace which was constructed to precisely fit him so that it did not slip off as he walked. Once fitted properly, the 3D printed leg brace allowed Quack-Quack to bear weight on his left foot again, while keeping him balanced and without causing discomfort or pain. Since then Quack-Quack has made a full recovery.

About National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital

The National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital (NTUVH) is a veterinary teaching hospital and referral center located in Taipei City in Taiwan. It provides veterinary medical services to the public as well as educational training for senior veterinary students of National Taiwan University. It was first instituted in 1955 and today is regarded as one of the most advanced veterinary hospitals in Southeast Asia.
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Lung X Lung Design is a 3D printing design company co-founded by Min-Chieh Chen.