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Aggressive Mating

Duck Rape

While mating, male ducks can often get a bit rough with their mating partner. Sometimes it may just be one of the female ducks, or it could be all of them. Induced injuries may initially appear superficial, with affected ducks missing several feathers from the back of their neck area. However, once the feathers are missing, it is only a mater of time until the male duck pulls off skin layers. Once the duck's skin is missing, her inner tissue is exposed, which leaves her at risk of infection.


Bald spots on back of the neck or back
Feather loss
Skin and possibly muscle damage
Excessive mating


  • History
  • Clinical signs
  • Physical exam


MethodMethod Summary
Assess damageAlthough it might be a bit horrific to look at, take a moment to thoroughly look over the wound.
Supportive careIsolate the bird from the flock and place in a safe, comfortable, warm location (your own duck "intensive care unit") with easy access to water and food. Limit stress. Call your veterinarian.
ManagementSeparate the aggressive male duck from the female ducks.



    Risk Factors

    • Keeping one male and female duck together
    • Keeping multiple male ducks with a low female to male ratio