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Feather Mite Infection

Mite infestations occur often in abandoned domestic ducks and wild waterfowl. Mites are a type of ectoparasite (parasite that invades and lives on the outer body of their host), that live within the bird's feathers. Heavy infestations with mites tend to occur in most often in younger, sick, or injured birds. The mites are transmitted to ducks by direct contact with an infected host.


Scabby skin around vent
Blackened feathers
Dull-looking feathers
Ruffled feathers


  • History
  • Clinical signs
  • Physical exam
  • Skin scrap for parasite identification


MethodMethod Summary
Trichlorfon1.5 g/L (0.15%) topical for a spray
Carbaryl5% powder dusted lightly over feathers


  • Maintaining a clean living area
  • Excluding rodents and wild birds from areas where ducks are kept.
  • Quarantine new birds.



Risk Factors

  • Recently added flock member.

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